Spreading Tokyo Culture Out from Ikebukuro! The Tokyo Metropolitan Festival 2018

Did you know that there are many theaters, large and small, in the Tokyo district of Ikebukuro? Ikebukuro is not just known for anime, but is a town of performing arts as well.

It is here in Ikebukuro that the global performing arts event “Tokyo Metropolitan Festival 2018” will be held.

At the “Festival/Tokyo 2018”, the main attraction of the event, cutting-edge performances from countries in areas including Europe and Southeast Asia, open-participation events, and other unique programs that transcend age, nationality, and genre will be presented.

There will be a great variety of programs including the “Ikebukuro Play Festival”, a theater contest whose grand prize is determined by judges selected through public invitation; and the “Daidengaku Ikebukuro Emaki”, which features performances staged in the town of Ikebukuro by kyogen* performer Manzo Nomura.

You will definitely be able to find a performance to capture your interest! This autumn, how about experiencing and enjoying Tokyo culture in Ikebukuro?

Dates: From September 1st (Sat) to December 9th (Sun), 2018
Location: Ikebukuro area

*A classic form of comedy that incorporates everyday humor and has been passed down from the 14th century.