Strolling among cherry blossoms in Komagome—the Birthplace of the Somei-Yoshino

What flower represents the Japanese spring? Cherry blossoms, of course. Recently, there has been an increase in international fans. The number of varieties of Japanese cherry blossoms have been said to be 300 or 600, but the most famous among them is the Somei-Yoshino, for its many flowers, even in youth, and its large petals. Komagome in Toshima City is the birthplace of the Somei-Yoshino. Ludo from Belgium and Yumi from Hong Kong are out today for a stroll among cherry blossoms. Their plan is to fully enjoy the Somei-Yoshino cherry blossoms in their birthplace as they reach their peak from the end of Marth to the beginning of April.

The Somei-Yoshino is a cultivar—a hybrid of Oshima-Zakura and Edo-Higan, both originating in Japan. It was created by horticulturists in Komagome in the 19th century. Somei-Yoshino Sakura Kinen Park, in front of JR Komagome Station, has both “parent” trees and a monument.

A little strategy session at the Sakura Kitchen Cafe. It’s clear in many ways that the owner loves cherry blossoms. They confirm the route on the Toshima City Cherry Blossom Map. The outdoor seating on the roof offers a view of the bustling trains as you enjoy tea and refreshments.

Sakura Kitchen Cafe
3-1-16 Komagome, Toshima City, Tokyo

Toshima City Cherry Blossom Map

Mon-to-Kura-no-Aru Hiroba is a square that is a 7-to-8-minute walk from Komagome Station. An imposing gate of a clan residence from the Edo period provides a splendid contrast to the cherry blossoms.

Sakura-Matsuri festival is held at Somei-Yoshino Sakura-no-Sato Park. The park has Oshima-Zakura cherry trees in addition to Somei-Yoshino—a photogenic location for those SNS shots.

Somei Cemetery, opened in 1872, is another cherry blossom location widely known since old times. A break under the widespread branches of a cherry tree’s relaxing atmosphere provides relief from cares.

A natural hot spring is one way to end a stroll among cherry blossoms. The bath at Tokyo Somei Onsen Sakura is filled with natural hot spring water springing forth 1,800 meters underground, full of natural minerals.

Tokyo Somei Onsen Sakura
5-4-24 Komagome, Toshima City, Tokyo

Now, it’s your turn to experience an uplifting stroll along cherry blossoms.