Better to be safe than sorry!
Learn how to deal with disasters through realistic experiences at Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Center

When major disasters like earthquakes and fires occur nearby, people tend to rush and get into a panic. In order to save your life and evacuate quickly, it’s important to know the correct action to take. At the Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Center, located in Tokyo’s Toshima Ward, you can learn about how to prepare for disasters through realistic experiences.

If you hold on to the table legs at a spot that’s too low, you risk getting your hands caught under them. It’s better to hold the table legs at a place further away from the floor.

This time, Mocha from Russia and Kanoa from America challenged themselves to try these experiences. First, they experienced the shaking of an earthquake set at a seismic intensity of 7 on the Japanese Seismic Scale. This was the same level as the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. When they felt this shaking, they had to secure their own safety. The firefighter advised them to hide under a table and hold tightly onto its legs, so they learned what to do right after an earthquake hits.

It’s important to take quick action when there’s a fire. Learn how to get the gist of bulletins and notifications made in Japanese.

In the program showing how to evacuate from a smoky fire, they learned some ways to escape without breathing in smoke. The best way is to lower your posture. If the electricity is out, the safest way is to use your hands to find your way along the wall. If you know tricks like these, you can avoid panicking during a fire.

Using fire extinguishers quickly can stop the spread of disaster, so keep calm and aim at the source of the fire.

The Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Center offers a variety of programs in disaster-preparedness, ranging from hands-on first-aid lessons to screenings of educational animated films and documentaries. Hopefully you’ll never have to use these life-saving techniques in a real earthquake or other disaster scenario. But as they say, you can never be too prepared.

Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Center

Address: 2-37-8 Nishi-Ikebukuro Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Open: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (until 9:00 pm on Fridays)
Experience Corners: Available from 9:30 am to 4:40 pm (3 times per day, reservations necessary. Last reservations are taken at 4:15 pm)
* Groups of up to 20 foreign visitors should come with interpreters.
Acess: 5 minute walk from Ikebukuro Station (South Exit, West Exits, Metropolitan Exit)

Experience Tour English (PDF)

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