“Daidengaku Ikebukuro Emaki” revives the spirit of picture scroll!

With its bright costume, festive music and dynamic dancing, the spectacular open-air performance invites you to the world of picture scroll.

Fusion of traditional and folk entertainment based on “Dengaku”* boomed in the 10th – 12th century, as well as the essence of western music and dancing, presents the brand-new performing art, “Daidengaku”, in Ikebukuro!

*One of Japan’s traditional performing arts, originates from the songs and dancing in rice planting to wish for a good harvest.

Dancing, acrobatics and juggling in bright costume along with ancient melodies fascinates the audience. Unique to Ikebukuro, cosplayers’ performance is another can’t-miss. In a grand finale, all spectators can join in an amusing dancing experience! Enjoy the magnificent collaboration of modern and ancient time entertainment.

General producer: Manzo Nomura

Date: October 20th (Sat), 2018
Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm(scheduled)
Venue: Minami Ikebukuro Park
*Minami Ikebukuro Elementary School gymnasium in case of rain