Welcome spring in the homeland of cherry blossoms!

The someiyoshino variety of cherry blossom is one of Japan’s greatest treasures, whose birthplace of Komagome is located only a short distance from Ikebukuro. From late March to the beginning of April, spectacular views of cherry blossoms in full bloom can be seen at areas including parks, temples, riversides, and memorial gardens. No matter where you go, you will see flourishing, beautiful light pink someiyoshino everywhere and crowds of people going on o-hanami outings. O-hanami (“flower-viewing”) is a Japanese cultural custom where people gather under cherry blossom trees and have outdoor parties while taking in the marvelous view of their flowers. We hope you will consider enjoying o-hanami in the Ikebukuro area as well.

Famous locations for cherry blossoms in the Ikebukuro area


This is a historical area that was the birthplace of someiyoshino cherry blossoms. A type of Japanese sake called “someizakura” can also be purchased here during this season.


The image of olden Japan remains strong in Zoshigaya. The cherry blossoms at the famous site Homyoji here are full of elegant charm.

Toden Arakawa Line

The only streetcar operating in Tokyo runs through this area. Taking in the gorgeous view of the cherry blossoms while riding the streetcar is highly recommended.