Feel like a time-traveler into Japan 350 years ago
Zoshigaya Kishimojindo Temple designated as an Important Cultural Property

In July, 2016, Zoshigaya Kishimojindo Temple was designated as one of the National “Important Cultural Properties*“.

With Kishimojin, the goddess of safe birth and child rearing enshrined, Kishimojindo Temple is the landmark of quiet and nostalgic town Zoshigaya where streetcars still remain. In contrast to the bustling city center, the stone-paved approach to the Kishimojindo Temple presents peaceful atmosphere under the shade of zelkova trees. Once entered in its ground with bushy trees including the 700-year old ginkgo, you will feel like a time-traveler into ancient Japan.

In the main hall, you can enjoy a variety of elaborate decoration and Japanese traditional construction technique by craft workers in Edo (currently Tokyo).

This year marks the 350th anniversary of Kishimojindo Temple’s establishment and the building is preserved by local inhabitants since its foundation. Visit the oldest building in Toshima-ku and directly feel the “Japanese spirit of handing down tradition to the next generation”.

*Important Cultural Properties: Among tangible cultural properties including buildings and art works, nationally designated properties with particularly high artistic value.